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The Farmers Weekly brand reaches 77% of those who work in agriculture meaning there’s nowhere better to get your message across


Reach of farm decision makers with farms 200+ha crops & grass (Agridata 2015)

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This independent research study was conducted by JT Research. Respondents were sourced from lists obtained from Dun & Bradstreet, Experian and Companies House. 478 farm decision makers were interviewed about their media usage and preferences on and off line.

The analysis has been collated and presented for you to be able to access the findings. This includes a breakdown of the data by enterprise type, farm connectivity and online usage. There is also an interactive bar chart for you to be able to select the sector you are most interested in to view the results.

The advert I placed with Farmers Classifieds proved to be extremely successful. It easily allowed me to sell my machine within 48 hours of the  advert appearing in the magazine

Oliver Sexton

Farmers Weekly is completely in touch with its audience – it’s the best read for me as its full of innovations, news and great contacts

Mark Petrov

We have found advertising with Farmers Weekly very successful in filling our permanent agricultural vacancy. We received more applications than we had hoped for and as a result have reached a good shortlist which will no doubt fill this position

Emma Driscoll

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