Advertising Opportunities

Farmers Weekly magazine

As the number one farming publication, Farmers Weekly serves the whole agricultural industry providing an informed weekly commentary on agriculture.

The news and business section provides facts and figures about UK, European and World agriculture.

Farmers Weekly magazine provides news, market prices, technical advice and opinion for farm businesses of all shapes and sizes. Farmers Weekly has been providing a service to the UK farming community for 85 years and prides itself on delivering authoritative and independent content that farmers can trust.


With the largest commercial agricultural website, and with the ability to target specific segments of that audience, we can offer a range of options to meet your needs.

Your online advertising can either be stand alone or it can compliment your off line marketing campaigns.


Advertising on Farmers Weekly Classifieds is one of the most effective ways of selling farm machinery and equipment. Farmers Weekly Classified is the place Farmers and dealers alike come to make sure their kit sells.

Both the magazine and the website are destinations for farmers looking to make various farm-related purchases, so you can rest-assured that your advert will be seen by thousands of farmers all over the UK.


Farmers Weekly Jobs has a variety of different advertising opportunities to ensure that your job gets seen, not only by a large number of candidates, but also the highest quality candidates.

Farmers Weekly jobs attracts the ideal number of applications to ensure you save time and fill the vacancy quickly. So we work to ensure that your job is seen by thousands of relevant job seekers, whether in print or online.


Farmers Weekly Property is the perfect way to sell both land and farm and country property, to an established audience of farmers and those interested in country living.

Farmers Weekly magazine has editorial coverage in the Land & Farms section every week and several features throughout the year for you to align with, allowing you to utilise Farmers Weekly’s significant presence both online and in print.


Farmers Weekly E-newsletters provide you with the most effective email marketing tool for the UK agricultural industry. Email marketing is a fast and cost-effective way to reach an audience with a targeted message.

Farmers Weekly E-newsletters enable you to generate quality sales leads, drive traffic to your website and raise your brand awareness. Utilising sophisticated behavioral targeting, we can ensure that your message gets to an engaged, and more importantly, relevant audience.

Ad Packs

Ad packs

Reach a wide agricultural audience through a range of inserts. Target the entire Farmers Weekly audience, or target geographically.

There is a minimum of 10,000 inserts.

Farmers Weekly Ad Pack

FWi Digital Ad Pack

Farmers Weekly Arable Ad Pack

Farmers Weekly Livestock Ad Pack



* Not to be shown on video pages, search pages or in conjuction with expandable or other overlay/ floating ads, or on other pages at RBI’s discretion. Must immediately show a close button or X to close in top right hand corner of creative, with minimum size of 20×20 pixels, font 16pt. Must be labelled “advertisement” on top left corner, font 16pt.

** SWF/ GIF or JPG for main image. Back up GIF/JPG must be provided for SWF. Click through url must be supplied. A customised “skip this ad” gif image may be provided by the advertiser, as long as the function of the image is clear (i.e. to skip the ad), with text 16px high. We CANNOT accept third party tags for main creative or skip button.

Ensure that your adverts are optimised for the Farmers Weekly tablet edition and that hyperlinks to your website work.

Please make sure that files are supplied as high res PDFs and text must be comprised of an embedded font and not converted to outlines or pixels.


Files can also be sent using RBI Check-n-Send facility, enabling you to use a Pre-Flight Checking System for your file. Check-n-Send software can be downloaded using