Farmers Weekly Classifieds is the largest agriculturally-focused online marketplace in the UK. It is the ideal place to advertise all manner of agricultural products from second-hand tractors to livestock and equipment. At Farmers Weekly Classifieds we have developed a significant array of advertising opportunities for you to target relevant buyers from within our audience of agricultural and farming professionals.

See your kit in the magazine

With over 38,000 copies sold every week, Farmers Weekly magazine is the place to sell your kit. We offer lineage ads for individual items all the way up to double page spreads for dealers with lots of kit to sell so there are options for every budget. There are also options to highlight your ad to stand out. Farmers browse through the classified pages of the magazine every Friday so be ready by the phone when the mag comes out.

Total average net circulation per issue (ABC Jan-Dec 2020)

Make your advert stand out

If you are looking for your advert to stand out, then we have a variety of different options that could help you get just that little bit of extra attention. You are able to upgrade your advert and appear at the topĀ of relevant category or keyword searches, meaning your machine or product is seen first when people are looking for similar products. You can also advertise on the classified homepage in our deal of the week, and featured listings section.

Reach 86,000 agricultural professionals online

Every month over 86,000 agricultural and farming professionals visit the Farmers Weekly Classified website. They are actively looking to purchase all manner of agricultural products. We even have an email advertising system in which we send out thousands of adverts by email every week – getting your advert seen both by users who are actively browsing the site, and by those who are looking specifically for your product.

Agricultural and farming professionals (monthly average - Google Analytics Aug-Oct 2020)

Get your advert in front of the right audience

As the world of farming becomes more and more digital, Farmers Weekly have kept up with our online site. Farmers are increasingly looking to find their kit, not only in the magazine, but online as well. Your advert can be seen 24/7 and can be seen by buyers from all over the world.

I sold the combine harvester within the first hour of the advert going live on the Farmers Weekly website

Nigel Talling