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Farmers Weekly is the number one farming publication in the UK serving the agricultural industry with an informed weekly commentary on agriculture. With a long history of providing reliable and trusted news, advertising in Farmers Weekly allows you to access the largest and most established audience of farmers, as well as agricultural professionals. Whether you are looking to make a splash with a new launch, or simply cement your brand as a thought leader, Farmers Weekly is the magazine to do so.

The magazine is published both in print and digitally through the Farmers Weekly app.



Strong social reach

The Farmers Weekly brand has strong coverage on social media networks, including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. We have a long tradition of supporting social media efforts because we believe it is the perfect way to connect with farmers. Check out our Facebook page today, you’ll be in good company with the 117,583 (November 2020) agricultural and farming professionals (and growing) who like our page. Farmers Weekly is the single largest UK publication in terms of followers on Twitter, Facebook and on YouTube, and we pride ourselves on having helped build a community.

Facebook likes (May 2021)

The publication with the highest circulation in agriculture

With a long history, and a track record of excellence, it is no surprise that Farmers Weekly has the highest circulation in agriculture. We are annually audited by the independent organisation ABC to verify our circulation against other publications.

This year we are once again the largest agricultural publication in the UK with 41,533 copies sold on average per issue (ABC January to December 2019).

If you are looking to advertise in agriculture, and you are not already advertising with Farmers Weekly, you are missing a huge portion of your audience.

Total average net circulation per issue (ABC Jan-Dec 2020)

Farmers Weekly is a fantastic magazine. In fact, partly thanks to the wonderful articles they publish, I have now got a conditional place to study veterinary medicine at Edinburgh university! I can’t put into words how much my knowledge of farming has increased since getting my subscription for Christmas, so thank you so much! I hope Farmers Weekly can continue to raise awareness of the difficulties of being a farmer at the moment. I for one am in awe of the amazing work they do.

Ella Thomson

What works with our audience?

Having been in the industry for over 85 years, Farmers Weekly gets asked a lot about what works and what doesn’t when advertising in print to Farmers. We’ve compiled the results from our latest Ad Impact Study into a video to give you a better idea of how best to reach your audience.

The leading voice in the industry for over 85 years

Farmers Weekly has a long and storied history of providing agricultural news to the UK, originally being named the newspaper of the earth.

For 85 years, we have been providing information to the public and for nearly as long we have been facilitating conversations between those who utilise agricultural goods and services and those who sell them.

Advertising with Farmers Weekly allows you to associate yourself with the UK’s biggest brand agricultural media, and reap the rewards of the relationship.

The leading voice in agriculture for over 85 years

Corporate Subscriptions

If you are looking to subscribe to Farmers Weekly for your business, business subscriptions can be tailored dependant on your needs and can be spread across a range of devices. Choose the right combination for you and your team to get Farmers Weekly in the format they need.

Farmers Weekly provides it’s farmers with all the up to date knowledge, prices and information in the industry. It never fails

Ben Jagger