Farmers Weekly Property is the best offline and online offering for selling country property and land. With an average readership in the magazine of over 46,500 people each week, your properties will be seen by those who are already in the country, as well as those looking to move to the country. If you are looking to advertise land, then nearly everyone interested in purchasing farming land is already reading Farmers Weekly.

People reading the magazine each week (ABC Certificate 2017)

We also have an online counterpart, allowing you the flexibility of the online platform, while retaining the brand of Farmers Weekly. Over 7,700 buyers visit the Farmers Weekly Property website every month to search for land and property. If your property isn’t on there, you are missing out on a number of committed and interested buyers who could help you sell your property in record time.


Monthly number of buyers visiting our Property website (Adobe Analytics Jul-Dec 2017)

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Farmers Weekly is a valuable and informative publication and also holds the most information on farms for sale.

The Buying Solution

Farmers Weekly provides it’s farmers with all the up to date knowledge, prices and information in the industry. It never fails

Ben Jagger