Who are we?

Creative Solutions is a Farmers Weekly service providing bespoke marketing solutions for our advertisers while producing exclusive, informative and inspirational content for our readers. As the market leader in agricultural media we use our award-winning journalists and design team to create compelling stories and campaigns that challenge the status quo and inspire our readers and customers to think differently about the way they do business.

Over the last few years the Creative Solutions team have worked with leading food and agricultural businesses to promote best practice across the industry, reward excellence and tackle key industry issues with powerful communications.

We work across all of Farmers Weekly’s platforms to deliver fully integrated bespoke marketing campaigns targeted at the agricultural community. This includes the support of our editorial, research, sales and marketing teams across print, web, film, social media, research, e-newsletters and face to face.

The Farmers Weekly brand reaches 97% of those who work in agriculture meaning there’s nowhere better to get your message across


Reaching those who work in agriculture (Agridata 2015 200+ ha crops & grass)

Our far-reaching brand

The Farmers Weekly brand reaches 97% of those who work in agriculture meaning there’s nowhere better to get your message across.

Whether it’s an event to encourage new entrants into farming, a campaign to stamp out sheep lameness or a research project to get positive coverage of farming in the national press, we aim to produce compelling content that helps our audience be prepared for the future while also allowing a commercial organisation to position itself as a leader on a particular subject area.

Events allow you to:

  • Build brand awareness and thought leadership
  • Get our audience talking about your business
  • Work with other companies to expand your reach
  • Inspire audiences with your message
  • Show your support for the industry

Last year’s Ag Careers Live

Farmers Weekly believes the future of agriculture is dependent on promoting the farming industry as a great inudstry to be part of to the younger generations. Ag Careers Live is in it’s third consecutive year and the biggest event of its kind in the UK. Ag Careers Live is a showcase for some of the most exciting and rewarding education and career opportunities in food and farming.

The event brings together leading academic institutions and some of the sector’s most dynamic companies, all looking to recruit new talent, either through open vacancies or apprenticeship opportunities. Attendees take part in a range of activities to help them better understand the variety of career paths available and which are best suited to their individual skills.

This year’s event schedule

Ag Careers Live – November 2018

Ag Careers Live gives visitors the opportunity to speak directly to employers and their employees to compare a number of organisations directly.  It allows attendees to gather information to plan their future career, find out what recruiters look for in ideal candidates, what it would be like to work for them as well as what training and career progression they can offer.

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Agrimarketing Summit – December 2018

Agrimarketing Summit is a one-day event featuring key industry leakers presenting case studies, key notes and talks on how to market to potential customers with valuable and relevant content for the great opportunity to develop your agrimarketing skills.

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Arable Horizons – January – December 2018

Arable Horizons is a series of five expert led talks examining some of the most exciting and innovative research fields that are set to revolutionise UK agriculture over the next two decades.

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Diversification – April – June 2018

Diversification is a series of events that presents case studies on farm from energy to ice cream to hospitality. The event series shows how the diversification business was set up through legal, tax and what grants were available to them.

Farmers Apprentice 2018

Farmers Apprentice is Farmers Weekly’s response to the challenge of recruiting the brightest and the best into agriculture. The ten finalists are put through a series of tough agricultural challenges providing a platform from which people from all walks of life can get a foot on the farming ladder.

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Farm Succession Planning – December 2018

Farm Succession Planning is a one day conference to allow farmers an open platform to discuss the difficult topic of succession and to encourage these conversations to happen earlier.

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Farmers Weekly Awards – 4 October 2018

The awards recognise innovation and achievement amongst our readers; they are farmers, farm managers and contractors.  Farming is not an easy profession where the financial rewards are difficult to achieve and the hours are long.  The value that the public place on farmers in providing homegrown food, energy and an attractive landscape is only just emerging.

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OSR Masters – 4 December 2018

OSR Masters is an on-farm event which follows the top OSR growers in the UK to discuss establishment strategies, their findings and what changes could be applied to their farms in the future.

Poultry Health Management – November 2018

Poultry Health Management is a one day conference on poultry disease and how to manage it. The conference includes a full day of key speakers discussing leading topics, exhibition focused on innovative products and networking lunch.

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Rethinking Cattle Performance – February – March 2018

Rethinking Cattle Performance presents a series of best practice workshops looking at improving cattle management and performance throughout the whole life cycle of the animal.  Each workshop covers a leading a topic to give expert cattle-rearing advice and guidance on building design, environment, nutrition, disease and productivity.

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Rising Stars – May 2018

Rising Stars aims to recognise and promote the talents of the next generation of farmers and agricultural professionals. This project aims to inspire young people from outside food and farming to consider this vibrant and fast-moving industry as a potential career choice. Ten Rising Stars are chosen to be featured in Farmers Weekly representing those who are working to inspire others and improve the industry.

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Soils in Practice – November 2018

Soils in Practice is a one day conference to give arable farmers and organisations to have a space to discuss improving yields, cutting costs and reducing environmental damage.

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Trees on Farm – November 2018

Trees on Farm is a one day event on farm that includes discussions, workshops and tour to teach key farmers the opportunities given when adding trees to their farming business and raising its value.

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Using Data & Tech – 10 October 2018

Using Data & Tech is a one-day conference presenting case studies and keynotes on new data and technology being used within the agricultural industry.

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Business Clinic

Farmers Weekly Business Clinic is a one-day event to provide a platform for experts to answer farmer questions on key topics and issues.

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Question Time

Question Time is a one-day event to give a face-to-face meeting with farmers and experts to debate key issues in the industry as well as a key networking opportunity.

Who we work with

Syngenta: Delivering a series of talks about the future of farming and what farmers can do to prepare for it.

Bayer CropScience: Following up their support for getting young people into farming through Brightcrop by sponsoring Farmers Apprentice.

Marks & Spencer: Partnered Farmers Weekly in two of its flagship animal health campaigns to reduce youngstock losses in the cattle industry and stamp out lameness in sheep.

Anglia Farmers: Following up their support for getting young people into farming through Edge Apprenticeships by sponsoring Farmers Apprentice.

Tesco, Fertile Minds: a brand new one day event for 150 young farmer entrepreneurs to provide them with the inspiration and practical advice to build new enterprises.

The Co-operative: Keen to drive the agenda on more apprenticeships and entrepreneurialism in agriculture The Co-operative came onboard to back the 2014 Farmers Apprentice.

McDonalds, Farmers Apprentice: a six month multi-media campaign to inspire fresh talent into UK agriculture.

E.ON: Farm energy use and saving

I have been a reader of Farmers Weekly for over 30 years and consider it to be the number 1 source for current agricultural news.

Ian Pell