Advertorial specifications

Headline – 50 Characters (including spaces)
Body text – 300 Characters (including spaces)
Call To Action – 30 Characters (including spaces)
Logo – maximum size 150×150 pixels
URL – link to website

Please note GIF and JPEG images (non animated) are accepted.
Flash and Rich Media files will not display on emails, hence are not accepted.
File size should not exceed 40k. Phone numbers cannot be included.

E-news Banners Advertising Specifications

Banner size
Banners must meet the standard internet dimensions: (Static – Non-animated)

Type Category Bleed (mm)
MPU 300 pixels (Width) x 250 pixels (Height)
Banner 468 pixels (Width) x 60 pixels (Height)

URL: Please provide a web address (URL link) for us to place on our ad server.

If you would like to track this campaign using Google Analytics tool, please refer to URL builder tool.

E-News (Slot)

Headline : Approx 50 characters
Body text : 500 Characters (including spaces)
One picture image or company logo (150 x 150 pixels) GIF or JPEG format
One banner 468×60 GIF or JPEG format (Static – non animated)
Link(s) to landing page(s)

Please note:

GIF, animated GIF and JPEG images are accepted.
Note that animated GIF’s do not display correctly in Outlook version 2007 onwards,  so please ensure that the first frame carries the main message, if only for a fraction of a second.
Flash and Rich Media files will not display on emails.
File size should not exceed 30k.
Phone numbers are not recommended in any copy.