Corporate Subscriptions

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A corporate subscription is a cost-effective way for you and your team to read Farmers Weekly in the workplace.

Subscriptions can be tailored dependant on your needs. Whether print or web, or a combination of the two, select the requirements you require and receive a considerable discount.

By buying a corporate subscription your team will get:

  • Access to the latest industry news
  • Unlimited access to everything on
  • Discounted prices that get better the more subscriptions you add
Print magazine, digital edition and unlimited access to
12 month minimum contract
Calculate costs for… Print

Unlimited access to plus the ability to create your own ‘My News’ column with articles on topics most relevant to you.
12 month minimum contract
Calculate costs for… Web+

The approximate cost based on the above is…


Use the calculators above to get an estimation of costs. The more subscriptions you purchase, the larger the discount. We will explain the individual discounts in our reply to your quote request.

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