Agrimarketing Summit 2017 schedule

Our third event, which takes place 5 December 2017, Jurys Inn, Oxford has shaped up to be our biggest and best. We’ve gathered speakers from some of the biggest agricultural companies as well as speakers currently engaging in cutting-edge marketing techniques to give you the best experience possible. Below you can find a breakdown of the day, and who will be talking about what.

Morning agenda

Registration and networking

Chair’s opening
Karl Schneider, editorial development director, Farmers Weekly

State of the Nation: understanding farmers
Karl Schneider, editorial development director, Farmers Weekly

Before we can discuss marketing to farmers, we must first understand their present situation. Our State of the Nation will:

  • Review the state of the industry
  • Highlight the issues that keep farmers awake at night
  • Detail how farmers search for information
  • Reveal how farmers react to marketing messages

What makes a successful multi-media campaign
Angus Chalmers, Managing Director, RDP

Our speaker will share the secrets of their successful mutli-media campaigns. What was their aim? How did this target shape their campaign? What was their campaign? And how did they measure its success?

Q&A sessions with previous speakers

Networking break

Native advertising in 2017: how to make it work for your brand
Scott Manning, Marketing Manager, KWS

Native advertising has been around for several years and the boundaries of what classifies native advertising has been somewhat blurred. This session will explore how a technical advertiser in the agriculture sector makes native advertising work for them, when and where to use it and why it differs from content marketing.

The data protection conundrum
Zach Thornton, External Affairs Manager, Digital Marketing Association

With changes to Data Protection Regulations just six months away, our speaker will explain the significant challenge ahead and what you should be doing now to ensure your future compliance.

Q&A session with previous speakers

Agrimarketing in Holland – where content is king
Edwin Vlems, Marketing Manager, MCB Holland

Edwin will share the secrets of MCB’s unique marketing approach in this unique agri market. In a world where farmers (and their suppliers) usually start their buying processes at Google, knowledge can be a strong magnet. This ‘inbound’ use of content has been copied extensively to other sectors, making Edwin an international presenter.

Afternoon agenda

Networking lunch

Making the most of events and exhibitions
Alice Bell, Grandstand Stoneleigh Events
Jimmy Birchmore, Jimmy Birchmore Events

Face-to-face is a key part of your marketing mix, but maximising the opportunities that events present to achieve your specific objectives requires careful planning. Hear from two people who know events well and share their top tips to ensure you get return on investment every time.

Twittergrambook: how are farmers engaging with social media?
Peter Gill, Managing Director, Social:Farmers

How, why and when do farmers use social media? How can you best engage with them on their chosen platforms? YouTube films have also been successful in other sectors of the economy, but how can they be deployed in agriculture marketing?

Q&A session with previous speakers

Networking break

Farmers’ POV
James Price, Farmer
Simon Beddows, Farmer

What are the best and worst examples of marketing to farmers? Who better to ask than the farmers themselves; our panel of farmers will share their experiences of being marketed to.

Farmers’s feedback
Now it’s your turn to ask questions of our panel: get first-hand feedback on your current ideas and future campaigns.

Closing remarks
Karl Schneider, editorial development director, Farmers Weekly