Arable Horizons

Interactive talks exploring tomorrow’s farming technology

Building resilience into on-farm water management.

4th December 2019

Euston Estate, Suffolk

Agriculture and innovation go hand in hand. For centuries the adoption of new approaches and technologies, from selective breeding and more powerful machinery to chemical fertilisers and high-yielding crops, have enabled farmers to reduce costs and boost production. But what will technology for the farm of tomorrow look like?

Farmers Weekly’s Arable Horizons will be examining some of the most exciting and innovative research fields that are set to revolutionise UK agriculture over the next two decades and beyond.

Globally agriculture accounts for more than 70% of freshwater consumption. While this figure is lower in UK agriculture it still requires a huge amount of water to produce the nation’s food. Moreover, whilst water shortages pose a challenge to UK growers – equally damaging are extreme weather events. This Arable Horizons will focus on what practical steps can be taken now to prepare for a less secure future in terms of our water resources. From maximising establishment in tough conditions, to selection of robust varieties, to understanding the impact of water management on pests and disease pressures.

Programme highlights will include:

Up-to-date guidance on how to improve water use while benefitting the environment
Advice on how farmers can use potential solutions relating to water capture and variety choice
Expert insight into the opportunities and challenges water and agriculture
Insight into some of the recent projects at Euston Estate and discuss future prospects relating to water use
Discussion and networking with fellow farmers and spray operators

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