Inspirational finalists

Farmers Weekly‘s 2020 Awards shortlist is crammed with hard-working, innovative farmers, advisers and students whose vision and drive ensure that the industry is well set for the future.

Our inspirational finalists are at the heart of successful businesses of all sizes across the UK working to put food on the nation’s plates while protecting the environment and engaging with the local community.

A wet winter and the Covid crisis have made this one of the toughest years in recent memory, but these 44 finalists show that no challenge is too great if you have a passion to farm.

Ag Student of the Year

  • Emily Jones, Herefordshire
  • Rosanna Linkens, Berkshire
  • Grace Welling, Hampshire

Arable Adviser of the Year

  • Charlie Catto, Aberdeenshire
  • Mark Dewes, Warwickshire

Arable Farmer of the Year

  • William Oliver, Swepstone fields Farm, Leicestershire
  • Tim Parton, Brewood Park Farm, West Midlands
  • Robert Price, Rooksnest Estate, Berkshire

Beef Farmer of the Year

  • Andrew Hodgson, Cheverton Farm, Isle of Wight
  • Ian Norbury, Mobberley Angus, Cheshire
  • James Waight, Sargent and Waight, Wiltshire

Contractor of the Year

  • Tom Dirom Agricultural Contractors, Yorkshire
  • M Metcalfe & Sons, Silver Hill Farm, North Yorkshire
  • P Russon & Sons, New Farm, Lincolnshire

Dairy Farmer of the Year

    • Katrina Dunford, Southwood Common Farm, Somerset
    • Robert Mallett, Northleaze Farm, Wiltshire
    • Max Tite, Newmans Farm, Dorset


Diversification Farmer of the Year

      • Molly Coombs, Grand Get-Togethers, Westfield Farm, North Yorkshire
      • Anthony and Christine Snell, British Frozen Fruits, Windmill Hill, Hereford
      • Alic Maltby, Little Wold Vineyard, Market Place Farm, East Yorkshire

Farm Manager of the Year

      • James Beamish, Holkham Farming Company, Norfolk
      • Peter Cartwright, Revesby Estate, Lincolnshire
      • Peter Eccles, Saughland Farm, Midlothian

Grassland Manager of the Year

    • Sam Carey, Rhiwlas Dairy, Gwynedd
    • Sam Chesney, Cool Brae Farm, County Down
    • Lucy and James Muir, New Buildings Farm, Staffordshire

Livestock Adviser of the Year

      • Julian Allen, Friars Moor Livestock Health, Dorset
      • Philip Baynes, Cheshire
      • Ed Hill, Thrums Vet Group, Angus

Mixed Farmer of the Year

      • Tom and Julie Davies, Upper Court Farm, Herefordshire
      • H & E Rudge , Ballingham Court, Herefordshire
      • James Small, Warren Farm, Bristol

Pig Farmer of the Year

      • Colin Stone, Wayland Farms, Norfolk
      • Charlie Thompson, Bridge House Farm, Northamptonshire
      • Karen and Stephen Thompson, Povey Farm, Derbyshire

Poultry Farmer of the Year

      • Philip Ashton, Gasks Farm, Lincolnshire
      • Tom Elliott, Elliott Eggs, East Yorkshire
      • Jim and Anne Smillie, Corrie Mains Farm, Ayreshire

Sheep Farmer of the Year

      • Matthew Haydon, JCB Farms, Staffordshire
      • Neil and Debbie McGowan, Glairgowrie
      • Neil Sandilands, Upper Hundalee Farm, Roxburghshire

Young Farmer of the Year

      • Sam Hall, The Homestead Farm, Staffordshire
      • Bertie Newman, Manor Farm Bungalow, Dorset
      • Adam Walton, Hedgehog Cottage, Norfolk

Farmers Weekly Awards

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