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Join Farmers Weekly in celebrating the farming industry and recognising the hard work of UK farmers. Enter the awards today.

There are 14 categories that you can enter one or more for free. Not sure which to enter? Visit the categories page that has a short description of each award.

In addition to the 14 categories, the Farmer of the Year Award is selected by Farmers Weekly. The Awards also take nominations for the Lifetime achievement Award and Farming Champion from anyone.


  • Arable Farmer
  • Arable Adviser
  • Beef Farmer
  • Contractor
  • Dairy Farmer
  • Diversification Farmer
  • Grassland Manager
  • Farm Manager
  • Livestock Adviser
  • Mixed Farmer
  • Pig Farmer
  • Poultry Farmer
  • Sheep Farmer
  • Young Farmer

Top reasons to enter the Farmers Weekly Awards

  • Recognition for you, your family and your team
  • Opens doors to new industry contacts, clients and supplier deals
  • Valuable PR and marketing for your business
  • Greater business confidence and negotiating power
  • The chance to experience the best night out in farming for you and your partner

Tips on entering the Farmers Weekly Awards

Make your entry stand out from the crowd with these tips for writing your entry.

Tell us a story

Your business is probably the product of a generation of hard work. Judges will be looking for the ideas, skills and passion that enabled your business to grow. They will also be looking for a bit of foresight. How are you planning to take advantage of new opportunities? Give them the big picture.

Get technical

Profitability in farming can come down to the smallest of margins, so we want to hear how you’re driving productivity and cost efficiency. From machinery and breeding innovations to labour restructuring and alternative marketing strategies, show the judges how you’re applying yourself to challenges of both today and tomorrow.

Show us you’re a leader

In the eyes of the judges, farming is undoubtedly a business for the future and they want to know who’s going to be leading the way. From resource efficiency and environmental stewardship to new enterprises and perhaps a dabbling in ‘agvocacy’, what new frontiers are you pushing?

Be creative

Don’t be afraid of offering us more than a few words on a form. The judges are an impressionable bunch and need to be shown as well as told why you should win. From promotional materials, photographs and even videos to letters of endorsement from farm walks, a bit of colour in the judge’s eye will go a long way.

Start a dialogue

The world of marketing is shifting rapidly and the means by which we produce our food and energy is in the spotlight more than ever. Judges want to know how you’re working across the supply chain. Are you listening to what’s going on around you as well as talking a good game?

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3rd October 2019

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