Enter the Farmers Weekly Awards

If you think you deserve recognition for the work you’ve done over the last year don’t hesitate to enter the Farmers Weekly Awards today. This is your opportunity to share the stage with the most talented, innovative and forward-thinking farmers in Britain.

Submit your entry 

Enter as many of the 15 categories that are appropriate to you. Not sure which to enter? Visit the categories page for a short description of each award and to download an entry form.

The categories Farm Innovator and Environmental Champion Awards will be chosen by our judges from the pool of finalists. The Farmer of the Year Award is chosen from all the finalists. You can take up to three awards home.

Don’t want to enter but know someone who should? You can also nominate them for one or more of our Award’s categories.

The entry process consists of multiple questions, so we recommend you pay a visit to our guidance page, to help you complete your application.

If you have any questions about the entry process for the Farmers Weekly Awards please contact Alma Watson at alma.watson@markallengroup.com.


5 reasons to enter the Farmers Weekly Awards

1. Valuable PR and marketing for your business
2. Recognition for you, your family and your team
3. Greater business confidence and negotiating power
4. Opens doors to new industry contacts, clients and supplier deals
5. The chance to experience the best night out in farming

Tips on entering the Farmers Weekly Awards

Make your application stand out from the crowd with these tips for writing your entry

  Tips to enter the awards  Tell us a story

Your business is probably the product of a generation of hard work. Judges will be looking for the ideas, skills and passion that enabled your business to grow. They will also be looking for a bit of foresight. How are you planning to take advantage of new opportunities? Give them the big picture.


Tips to enter the awards  Get technical

Profitability in farming can come down to the smallest of margins, so we want to hear how you’re driving productivity and cost efficiency. From machinery and breeding innovations to labour restructuring and alternative marketing strategies, show the judges how you’re applying yourself to the challenges of both today and tomorrow.

Tips to enter the awards Show us you’re a leader

In the eyes of the judges, farming is undoubtedly a business for the future and they want to know who’s going to be leading the way. From resource efficiency and environmental stewardship to new enterprises and perhaps a dabbling in ‘agvocacy’, what new frontiers are you exploring?


Tips to enter the awards Be creative

Don’t be afraid of offering us more than a few words on a form. The judges need you to explain why you should win. From promotional materials, photographs and even videos to letters of endorsement from farm walks, a bit of colour will go a long way.

Tips to enter the awardsStart a dialogue

The world of marketing is shifting rapidly and the means by which we produce our food and energy is in the spotlight more than ever. Judges want to know how you’re working across the supply chain. Are you listening to what’s going on around you as well as talking a good game?


Farmers Weekly AwardsWhat are the rules?

  • The judges will need to meet the person, or persons, named on the entry form during the farm judging visits which will take place from June to August
  • The finalists’ stories, and their photographs, will appear in Farmers Weekly and its related products as well as local and national press
  • The winner, receiving each award should be the person or persons named on the entry or nomination form
  • We only accept entries from UK farmers
  • Read the full terms and conditions (PDF)


Farmers Weekly Awards

The Farmers Weekly Awards is the most prestigious awards in the agriculture industry, recognising farmers' achievements across the country. Join us in celebrating farming and put farmers centre stage.

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