Farmers Apprentice

Farmers Apprentice is Farmers Weekly’s response to the challenge of recruiting the best business minds into agriculture, by providing a platform from which young people from all walks of life can get a foot on to the farming ladder.

Ten young apprentices were selected with a range of skills and interests in agriculture to take part in the Farmers Apprentice Bootcamp in July 2018.

The Bootcamp tasks tested the apprentices to their limits and drew on the full range of practical and technical skills needed for a successful career in agriculture. Farmers Apprentice worked with industry partners to bring the best in technical expertise and agricultural equipment.


The most gruelling job interview in British agriculture.

Bootcamp reflected the wide range of skills and traits required to be a successful twenty-first century farmer. The tasks were designed and delivered in collaboration with experts from across the agricultural industry.

Apprentices, worked in teams and individually, judged on a multitude of transferable skills: communication, teamwork, personal initiative, presentation and creativity among many others.

Ten young people hoping to kick-start their career in agriculture were invited to participate. They were tested both individually and in teams on a range of tasks that pushed them both physically and mentally to the limit.

The Farmers Apprentice Bootcamp took place in July 2018.

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