Farmers Apprentice 2018 Finalists

Read the profiles of the Farmers Apprentice finalists who are heading to the 2018 bootcamp.

Libby Ramsden

Libby is determined to spend her career in the livestock sector, potentially as a nutritionist.

Fun fact:

Libby used to take part in triathalons when she was a child.

Age: 18
Location: North Yorkshire

Mitchell Park

Mitchell wants to spend his career back on his home dairy farm in County Antrim, applying the experience gained from bootcamp and his travels.

Fun fact:

Mitchell spent 6 months on a work placement in Australia, where he also got the opportunity to scuba dive.

Age: 22
Location: County Antrim

Benjamin Theaker

Ben shares his passion for farming through the mentoring of budding young farmers. Eventually, Ben wants to be an estates manager or own a farm of his own.

Fun fact:

One of Ben’s hobbies is chainsaw carving.

Age: 23
Location: Nottinghamshire

Tessa Gosney

Tessa is passionate about changing the public’s “blurred’ view of British farming.

Fun fact:

Tessa’s favourite tractor is the Fendt 939, at least until she heard about the 100C series!

Age: 19
Location: Dorset

Sam Coote

After entering farming from a “townie” background in 2011, Sam is eager to work his way up to running his own farm business.

Fun fact:

Sam rears a selection of his own animals, including sheep, pigs and poultry.

Age: 22
Location: County Durham

Lauren Arndt

Lauren loves stockmanship and has notched up notable stock judging and public speaking successes with young farmers.

Fun fact:

Lauren is currently training her new huntaway pup, Kim.

Age: 21
Location: Wrexham

Abbie Bruni

Abbie promotes a more sustainable UK farming system, a big believer in the power of social media in educating the public.

Fun fact:

Abbie took a year out from uni to work as cabin crew for British Airways.

Age: 25
Location: Surrey

Harry Madin

Harry is committed to pursuing a career as a shepherd in the Lake District National Park. He is also training his border collie as a sheepdog.

Fun fact:

Harry is also rearing his own rare breed Derbyshire Gritstone and Herdwick sheep.

Age: 21
Location: Derbyshire

Ashley Gallagher

Ashley would like to get a farm business tenancy or share-farming agreement and use the prize money to buy livestock.

Fun fact:

Ashley loves a sing-song to the radio when he is in the tractor or parlour.

Age: 23
Location: County Londonderry

Tayla Harding

Tayla wants to help farmers create sustainable enterprises with her own consultancy firm, working with genetic advisers to develop composite sheep breeds.

Fun fact:

Her middle name is Blayze because she had bright ginger hair when she was born.

Age: 19
Location: Northamptonshire

Farmers Apprentice 2018 Finalists Entries

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