11th March 2020 | Scottish Borders

Graze: grass management event

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Promoting grassland productivity across the livestock sector

Farmers Weekly is committed to improving awareness of treating grass as a crop and guiding farmers on how to increase their profitability. On 15th August 2018, Livestock Editor Rhian Price reported that the dry conditions, farmers experienced in the summer had brought into focus the value of grass grown on farm for both grazing and silage. It is vital that farmers remain focused on the productivity they achieve from each hectare. So when farmers are faced with the cost of replacing high-quality forage, they need to adapt and improve how they manage their grass is essential.

GRAZE: a grass management event addresses farmer challenges of keeping healthy soils, dealing with compaction, controlling weeds and reseeding. Farmers will also take home ideas on how to make more of their grass such as implementing the most effective grazing system for their farm.

GRAZE: a grass management event will be held at Scottish Borders. The farm is run by Charley and Andrea Walker, they have an organic beef and sheep enterprise that are entirely self-sufficient in feed, they are also Farmers Weekly Awards 2019 Grasslands Farmers of the year.

Why you should attend

• Improve knowledge of most commonly occurring grassland weeds and learn when and how to treat them •
• Learn how to assess soils for compaction and alleviate issues •
• Promote high grass productivity and quality by learning how to select the best varieties and how often to ressed •
• Reducd the requirement of buying in feed by learning about how to maximise the potential from grass regardless of your system •