Promoting grassland productivity across the livestock sector

Graze: a grass management event will take place on the 11th of March, at the Scottish Borders, on the farm run Charley and Andrea Walker, winners of Farmers Weekly Awards 2019 Grassland Farmers of the year. 

By running an all grass and forage system and outwintering stock on deferred grass, they have built a resilient, low-cost, organic beef and sheep system that isn’t reliant on bought-in protein.

“Andrea and Charley are proof that efficient and profitable red meat production can go hand in hand with environmental practices. They are running a self-reliant grass system fit for the future.”

After the farm tour, the grass management event will feature talks that address challenges like; reducing runoff to improve water quality, applying nutrients to prevent pollution, keeping soils healthy, reducing costs by keeping stock outdoors 365 days and introducing holistic grazing.

You will be able to take-home ideas on how to implement the grazing system best suited to your farm.

Why you should attend

• Improve knowledge of the most commonly occurring grassland weeds and learn when and how to treat them •

• Learn how to assess soils for compaction and alleviate issues •

• Promote high grass productivity and quality by learning how to select the best varieties and how often to reseed •

• Reduce the requirement of buying in feed by learning about how to maximise the potential from grass regardless of your system •


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