Machinery Masterclass agenda

Machinery Masterclass will take place on 21st March 2019 at Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester. The workshop will be led by trained experts and industry-leading engineers to improve your skills and knowledge of your machinery back home.

Morning Agenda

Arrival and breakfast

Introduction to RAU, the project and outline of the day
Tom Overbury, RAU
Andy Scarlett, Scarlett Research Ltd

Session 1: Understanding agricultural tractor engines: stats, emissions and developments

Understanding engine performance statistics, developments in off-highway diesel powerplant design and associated exhaust emissions requirements.

Engine Performance Characteristics: How are they defined? What’s important and what isn’t? How has tractor diesel engine design changed over the past 20 years? What are the practical benefits (and drawbacks) to the end-user?
What have been the consequnces diesel engine exhaust gas emissions restrictions? Can we expect yet tighter requirements in the future?


Session 2: Tractor transmission choices
Andy Scarlett, Scarlett Research Ltd

What are the available options? Which might be the best for your particular needs?

What generic designs of tractor transmission are available? How do they work? What makes some better suited to certain jobs than others? Which might best suit your application? How do intelligent electronic control systems make modern transmission systems operate, correct themselves for everyday wear and diagnose faults when they occur?


Afternoon Agenda

Session 3: Tyres, traction and compaction
Andy Scarlett, Scarlett Research Ltd
Gordon Brookes, Michelin

Big tractors and plenty of power will do the job, but are you wasting more than you realise? How can all tha power be converted into draught force without ruining your soil? Sufficient ballast is needed limit slip, but do you ever take the weight(s) back off again? Are Central Tyre Inflation Systems or even Rubber Tracks the ultimate answer?


Session 4: Tractor-implement communication and control
Andy Scarlett, Scarlett Research Ltd

Have the tractor and implement been talking behind your back for years without you knowing?

There’s nothing new about the concept of tractor-implement sensing, communication and control systems, but how has the introduction of electronic technology over the last 20 years opened up possibilites which could only have been dreamt of? And why are they still not fully-realised? Where may we expect to see developments in the future?

Wash up and depart

Dr. Andy Scarlett

Dr. Andy Scarlett has been engaged in agricultural engineering research for over 30 years, mainly concerning agricultural vehicles. He spent 16 of those years at Silsoe Research Institute (formerly NIAE), latterly responsible for management of tractor/field machinery-related research and testing activities.

Scarlett Research Ltd was formed in 2005 following the closure of Silsoe Research Institute. The company specialises in delivery of engineering-related research, development and technical services regarding agricultural tractors, machinery and self-propelled vehicles to public and private sector customers in the land-based industries. Customers include:

  • Inter-governmental organisations (OECD, European Commission)
  • UK Government departments (Department for Transport) & agencies (Health & Safety Executive, Environment Agency)
  • UK-based Global agricultural equipment manufacturers (CNH (New Holland) UK Ltd)
  • UK and European agricultura/consturction equipment and component manufacturers (AGCO, Claas, JCB, John Deere, Michelin, Kverneland, Perkins Engines, Kubota)

  • UK and European agricultural journals (PROFI, Farmers Weekly, Boederij, Top Agrar)
  • Agricultural training organisations (The Training Association (East & West), BRCC, NLTG)

Dr. Scarlett’s technical knowledge and first-hand appreciation of practical agricultural requirements combined with his wide-ranging contacts in the UK and global agricultural machinery industries has led him to be regarded as a primary source of expertise in his subject area.

His close technical involvement with Government Departments and Agencies has resulted in substantial activity regarding standards and policy issues, particularly concerning implementation of technically-orientated legislation relating to agricultural vehicles. He farms in Norfolk.

Dr. Andy Scalett
Scarlett Research Ltd

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