Jamie Robertson

Jamie Robertson graduated in Agricultural Science from Aberdeen University in 1977 and later left the UK to live and work abroad on livestock development programmes. After returning to Aberdeen in 1984 for an MSc in Animal Production, he has since worked on R&D projects examining the link between environment and animal health.

Working at the SAC Centre for Rural Buildings and then the University of Aberdeen, Jamie was also the UK representative on the International Commission for Agricultural Engineering working group on animal house environments and livestock specialist at the Centre for Organic Agriculture at the University of Aberdeen.

He is currently director of livestock management systems and honorary fellow at the University of Aberdeen and the University of Edinburgh Royal School of Veterinary Studies.

“Efficient food production is all about getting the system balanced, from genetics to nutrition to health and the environment. Far too many cattle buildings are dragging our systems down because they are not competent at one or more levels. Recent work clearly establishes that a negative start in life for youngstock has a life-long negative aspect on health and productivity.

“There is good news, though. The irony is that, once the basics of youngstock requirements are clearly understood, it does not require massive investment to significantly lift early health and productivity.  And the impact is lifelong.”

Jamie Robertson
Director of Livestock Management Systems
University of Aberdeen

The Evidence Group: Richard Vecqueray

The Evidence Group (Formally EBVC) works closely with dairy and beef producers around the country in the field of preventative veterinary care and nutrition.

Part of this includes working with ABP to improve the health and feeding management of the animals supplying beef for Sainsbury’s.

Their particular interest is in the interaction of feeding and its associated management practices with beef calf health, weight gain and the associated economics of that.

Their veterinary nutrition consultants involved include James Husband, Richard Vecqueray, Will Tulley, Julia Moorhouse, Richard Cooper, Ian Henderson.

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