Trees On Farm

Playing a vital role in UK agriculture

Farmers Weekly, in partnership with The Woodland Trust, is running a one-day, free to attend ‘Trees on Farm’ workshop for UK arable and livestock farmers.

The event is aimed at equipping farmers with the knowledge and practical skills to build an integrated and productive agroforestry scheme as part of their farm business.

The workshop will be hosted on-site at The Allerton Project in Leicestershire. The Allerton Project has been researching the effects of different farming methods on wildlife and the environment, and sharing the results of the research through educational activities for over 25 years.

UK arable and livestock farmers with experience of agroforestry will talk about their individual journeys of creating and managing an agroforestry scheme on their farm.

These sessions will focus on the benefits they have received from trees on their farms as well as the challenges along the way and how they have overcome them.

There will also be a wealth of knowledge and experience provided from our other speakers from The Allerton Project, Woodland Trust, Forestry Commission and The Organic Research Centre.

The live event will focus on providing farmers with the information and tools needed to begin and manage a successful, productive agroforestry scheme as part of their farming enterprise. The session topics will cover the below and much more.

Where and when?

Farmers Weekly’s Trees On Farm will take place on 23 November 2017 at The Allerton Project, part of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, to give farmers in the UK the chance to attend and learn from experts and interact with their peers.

Trees on Farm sessions will include:

  • The evidence base supporting the benefits of agroforestry
  • The financial and policy considerations for a new agroforester
  • The practicalities of tree planting for different conditions and functions
  • A tour of The Allerton Project with agroforestry experts
  • Q&A sessions throughout the day with experienced UK farmers and industry experts
  • Networking opportunities with experts and your peers

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