Given the rapid change of technology, it is vital for the farming industry to future proof businesses. Farmers Weekly, through their parent company Proagrica, are keenly placed to bring the industry together to share best practice and solutions to leverage data and optimise business output in this ever changing environment. Attendees will hear the latest news and expert opinions from various parts of the world, discussing current and future technology advancement. Case studies, segmented by type of industry, will offer a view of how farmers can improve their yield, do more with less and get ideas as to future technological investment on their farm. Place yourself at the heart of this very important and often challenging subject for farmers, showing your company is the one to help them along this journey.

Register today for Farmers Weekly’s inaugural Using Data & Tech conference on 10 October 2018 at Innovation Birmingham Campus.

Why you should attend:

  • Listen to comprehensive talks – hear speakers talk about their experiences through case studies, panel discussions, Q&A sessions and more.
  • Gain critical insights – guidance from expert speakers and industry colleagues.
  • Network – meet like-minded colleagues from across the UK and abroad and share best-practice solutions and ideas
  • Opportunity to share ideas – discuss the latest technology advances in agriculture and how to use them.

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