Farmers Weekly is hosting the all-new Young Farmers Festival, a unique new event to do one thing – bring Britain’s incredible young farmers together for a celebration like no other.


Young Farmers Festival will take place outside Offchurch Bury near Leamington Spa.

What’s included:
Entry to the festival main arena
3 nights camping
Use of facilities
Parking (does not include caravans)
All activities* within the main arena.
*Please see activities page for more information


For press office contacts, contact:

Public video camera policy:
If you are going to film with a video camera or a mobile phone camera you need to adhere to the Festival’s policy.

You are free to record your own visit to the festival for your own personal use. You will not be able to sell on any moving images of festival for commercial or other gain.

Please respect the privacy of other festival-goers who may not want to be filmed.

You may not record in any of the performance areas or record performers without their prior consent. This is the law.

Please do not bring tripods, any sort of lighting or any professional equipment. You must be aware of health and safety issues.

Photography at Young Farmers Festival:

Young Farmers Festival welcomes media interest in our event and we try to accommodate coverage wherever possible. However, the festival does have a media access policy and this extends to photography. If you wish to take photographs for anything other than private personal use, you will ned to have permission.

All enquiries about photographic or film coverage of the festival for news purposes should be made to the press office (need contact details here)


Our main bars will be accepting payment by debit and credit card. There will be no cash machines on site.
Please be wary when carrying cash.


Safe drinking water is freely available from the taps scattered around the site. Please see below ‘Water Supply’ for more information. Bottled water is available to purchase at many stalls.

You may bring your own alcohol into the campsite. You are limited to: 18 cans of beer/lager/cider or 70cl litre of spirits or 2 bottles of wine per person. You are not permitted to bring your own alcohol into main arena but alcohol will be served in the main arena.
No glass bottles are allowed onto the premises.

Know your alcohol limits and do not drink more than you can handle. If you are concerned that you or one of your friends requires assistance, ask a steward or security personnel to point you towards the Medical Centre or the nearest Welfare tent.


Free and clean drinking water will be available throughout the campsite and main arena.
Be sure to bring a water bottle and find our drinking water taps marked on the festival map.