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The Farmers Weekly Awards appreciate the hard work sponsors have done with supporting this year’s awards and supporting the farming industry as well as farmers across the UK.

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ABP is a leading UK red meat processor, operating across 15 locations and working with over 12,000 British farmers. We have been delivering world–leading meat products for the retail, food service, wholesale and manufacturing sectors for over 60 years.
Sustainability is a key driver of our business and our sustainability strategy which is based on the United Nations Global Sustainable Goals.


With ArmaTrac recently being acquired by Mahindra – The world’s largest tractor manufacturer ArmaTrac brand continues to grow from strength to strength. ArmaTrac is now supported with the full weight of the giant Mahindra organisation behind the ArmaTrac brand. ArmaTrac currently produces tractors with engines from Deutz and Perkins as well as transmissions and axles from ZF and Carraro, offering a reputable and reliable driveline as its foundation. Backed up by a 2 year bumper to bumper factory warranty giving that peace of mind


Germinal is a leader in forage and forage-based farming systems with market expertise developed over generations. Their success lies in a strategic mix of scientific innovation, global partnerships, educational initiatives and a team of highly experienced people.
For over thirty years, Germinal has maintained a unique relationship with the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Science (IBERS) at Aberystwyth University. Through this collaboration, the company has brought Aber High Sugar Grass (AberHSG) to a worldwide market, providing a combination of dry matter yield and herbage quality capable of under-pinning modern sustainable livestock farming.

NSF International

NSF International work with the food industry to create consumer confidence from farm to food.
We work with farmers to help them demonstrate the quality of what they produce. Farm assurance covers animal welfare, food safety, traceability and provenance and environmental protection so consumers can be confident the food they eat is safe and responsibility produced.

RSPCA Assured

RSPCA Assured is the RSPCA’s farm animal welfare assurance scheme and ethical food label. The RSPCA Assured label makes it easy for people to recognise products that meet higher welfare standards in shops, restaurants and more; something that is increasingly important to British consumers.

Our members have reported lower mortality and a better quality product, adding value to their businesses and providing opportunities for a better margin. What’s more, they tell us that operating to RSPCA welfare standards has improved their working environment and job satisfaction.

We’re proud to be sponsoring the Young Farmer of the Year category. Our vision is for all farm animals to have a better life and to be treated with compassion and respect. This next generation of farmers bring creativity, enthusiasm and passion to this challenge and we are excited to support this new wave of talent.

“It was a huge surprise and tremendous honour to receive a Farmers Weekly Award. I am extremely fortunate to work in a great business with a fantastic team and also to be supported by a truly wonderful family.
It was an incredible night and a privilege to be there amongst so many dedicated, passionate farmers.”

Mike Shapland

Farm Manager of the Year


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