Trees On Farm agenda


Morning agenda

Registration, coffee & breakfast

Trees on Farm introduction
Karl Schneider, editor, Farmers Weekly

The GWCT/Allerton Project
Dr. Alastair Leake, director of policy & Allerton Project, GWCT

History and background to some of the work the GWCT are currently working on at The Allerton Project

Meet the experts

Karl Schneider will introduce expert farmers who will give an explanation about their farm and how they have embraced agroforestry.

  • Jonathan Francis
  • Phil Jarvis
  • David Rose

Tour of Allerton Project with the experts

Tour of the Allerton Project in system-specific groups (arable, livestock or poultry). Each of the two groups will consist of an expert in farming with agroforestry, a technical consultant, a speaker from The Allerton Project and a speaker from the Woodland Trust.

  • Stuart Holm, Woodland Creation adviser, Woodland Trust
  • Phil Jarvis
  • John Tucker, director of Woodland Creation, Woodland Trust
  • Roger Draycott

*Agenda is subject to change

Afternoon agenda

Expert Q&A session
Karl Schneider will host a question and answer session on return from the tour with the expert farmers in agroforestry.


Why plant trees?
Dr. Jo Smith, principal agroecology researcher, Organic Research Centre

Looking at the evidence currently available to support UK agroforestry, there will be a general introduction to trees and tree planting on farms, focusing on arable and livestock farmers where possible. Key general benefits of planting trees on farm and how it is important to integrate trees as part of a wider management strategy.

Financial considerations & policy implications for tree planting on farms
Matthew Woodcock, partnerships & expertise manager, Forestry Commission

Focused on the economics and legislative aspects of agroforestry for UK farmers. How much would it cost for you as a farmer to star a productive agroforestry scheme on your farm? What grants and support schemes are available to UK farmers and when are they paid? What kind of maintenance costs are associated and how much money could it produce/save for me as a livestock, arable or poultry farmer?

Practicalities of tree planting on farms
John Tucker, director of Woodland Creation, Woodland Trust

What are the practical aspects of planting and managing an agroforestry scheme? What kind of work is required to plant and maintain trees? What tree species would work best and where? When is it best to plant which species and how do you need to amend your planting to suit your system?

Summary & closing discussion
Karl Schneider, editor, Farmers Weekly

What we have discovered on the day and what can we do next.

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