100 farmers needed for cross-compliance project

100 farmers are needed for a project to develop tools to enable better adherence to cross-compliance rules ahead of CAP farm inspections.

The project aims to improve how payment agencies monitor cross compliance and greening through better use of remote sensing data, using aerial or satellite technology.

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Strutt & Parker is working with the University of Reading’s School of Agricultural Policy and Development on the project for 30 months until October 2018.

The main aims of the project are:

  • To make monitoring easier, more accurate, less time-consuming and less costly for payment agencies
  • To help farmers comply with cross compliance and greening requirements by developing tools for them to use

Jason Beedell, rural research partner at Strutt & Parker, said: “The tools will provide information to farmers on where issues with cross-compliance could occur so they can be sorted out before an inspection, or before they cause pollution or damage to the farm.”

Types of farmers sought

Ideally, farmers who have fallen foul of cross-compliance regulations in the past and have subsequently had their CAP payments reduced as well as farmers who have a strong track record of adherence to cross-compliance rules are also keenly sought for the project.

The project team will use feedback from understanding farmers’ requirements to produce an easy-to-use app or IT computer programme that farmers can use throughout the year to give them a better chance of being compliant with CAP rules.

The Recap project is being led by a technology firm based in Greece and includes 12 organisations from Greece, Spain, Lithuania, Serbia and the UK.

The organisations are all farmers’ organisations and payments agencies – but this does not include Defra’s Rural Payments Agency (RPA), whose “digital-only” CAP IT payments system ended in disaster last year.

If you are a farmer and would like take part in the Recap project, contact Jason Beedell on 020 7318 4757 or email jason.beedell@struttandparker.com