1000 queue to back FW at busy Game Fair

3 August 2001

1000 queue to back FW at busy Game Fair

THERE were queues at the farmers weekly stand at the Game Fair last weekend as 1000 people took the time and trouble to add their support to our campaign for a full public investigation into the handling of the foot-and-mouth outbreak.

Letters and e-mails of support have continued to pour into our office. Since the campaign was launched three weeks ago, more than 4000 readers have voted in the online poll or completed the accompanying coupon.

FWi users have stressed that the purpose of an inquiry would be to help shape future policy on F&M. One user from Worcs said: "They must come clean with a full public inquiry so that the issue can be addressed in a constructive and positive manner for the benefit of future strategies and policies."

Acknowledging that mistakes have been made would help convince people living and working in the countryside that they could have faith in the government, claimed a user from Leics.

"It is becoming more and more evident details are being covered up. The government will have no countryside confidence unless it is seen to acknowledge errors and learn from mistakes quickly."

Another user from London said a public inquiry would help "to quash the rumour that Mr Blair had the disease introduced to quieten the farmers, and finally reduce the countryside to its knees so that his plans for a large urban playground could come to fruition".

Readers still have the opportunity to make their voice heard on this issue. Simply sign the form accompanying the FW letter to the Prime Minister and return it post free, or log onto FWi and cast your vote in the online poll. Letters and FWi Yes votes will be delivered to Downing Street. &#42

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