130m unnecessary costs for livestock industry

17 June 1998

£130m ‘unnecessary’ costs for livestock industry

THE British livestock sector is being hit to the tune of £130 million in unnecessarily imposed costs, claimed Jim Walker, vice-president of the National Farmers Union of Scotland.

Mr Walker based his argument of “competitive disadvantage” on a report compiled by the Meat and Livestock Commission on the British red-meat industry. He made his remarks after returning from Brussels, where he had been arguing for common rules throughout Europe on the removal of specified risk materials from carcasses.

He said the report drew attention to the impact on the British industry of the loss of markets for tallow and for meat and bonemeal. It also highlighted the unequal application of specified risk material rules throughout Europe.

These combined cost disadvantages meant that the British beef sector had lost £58m, the pig industry £46m and the sheep sector £25m.

He claimed these were massive disadvantages for an industry competing with imports from countries which did not have to meet the same costs.

  • The Scotsman 17/06/98 page 28

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