16th swine fever case confirmed

6 November 2000

16th swine fever case confirmed

By FWi staff

A SIXTEENTH case of swine fever has been confirmed, on a 6000-pig Norfolk pig farm.

The outbreak, confirmed on Saturday (04 November), was the first to emerge since September.

The affected breeder/finisher unit is located 1.5km from Topcroft, where the disease has already appeared on two other farms.

The existing protection zone around the premises has been extended to the north.

Farmers who fall within that zone have seen prospects dashed of movement restrictions being lifted.

There will be no movement within, into or out of this area for at least another 30 days.

The Ministry of Agriculture has warned farmers watch out for more swine fever outbreaks.

It says the symptoms of swine fever and another disease currently affecting UK pig farms, PDNS, are very similar.

Suspicious cases should be reported to the State Veterinary Service.

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