23 held after hunt ban protests

EIGHT PEOPLE are being held by police after five pro-hunt protesters managed to make their way into parliament during Wednesday‘s (Sept 15) protests against the ban on fox hunting.

According to the BBC, the men were arrested on suspicion of forgery, burglary with intent to commit criminal damage and violent disorder.

Another fifteen people are being held in connection with the clashes with police which took place outside parliament while the hunt ban was being debated by MPs.

Reportedly, 19 people, two of them police officers, were injured, none of them seriously.

The violent protest did not deter MPs from backing a ban on hunting in Englan and Wales, however.

They backed the ban by 339 to 155 votes.

The five demonstrators who made their way into the Commons chamber are said to have had inside help to accomplish what has been called the biggest Commons security breach in 360 years.

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