24m spread for UK’s biggest single axle muck spreader

Thought to be the biggest single-axle spreader on the UK market, K-Two Sales have introduced an 18t version of its rear-exit muck spreader with a staggering 24m spread pattern aimed at the contracting market.

Utilising a sprung drawbar and 710/70-R42 floatation tyres and sturdy 420×180 S-cam brakes, this unit has a 22.8m sq of heaped load space.

Redesign of the unit sees a doubling of floor chain slats to enable sewage sludge cake to be evenly delivered to the rear rota configuration of three – not two – horizontal breakers.

K-Two trioEach row of breakers is driven by shaft rather than chain beefing up durability, says the company.

For manure applications the top rota can be uncoupled saving wear and power demand.

Priced at £36,000 and with an 8-12 week delivery schedule, this unit demands a 200hp power unit up front and uses shear-bolt protection in the power-input line to protect components.



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