50-year wait for a first win in dairy interbreed

24 May 2002

50-year wait for a first win in dairy interbreed

By Jonathan Long

AFTER 50 years of exhibiting at Balmoral, Aubrey Patterson finally won his first breed championship.

Mr Pattersons second calving Holstein cow Ballycrocahn Formation Avice VG89, giving more than 45 litres, then she went on to win the interbreed championship.

Holstein judge, David Jones of Monmouthshire said: "She is a strong, well-proportioned cow, a supreme example of her breed."

Females dominated the beef breeds, with cows or heifers claiming every title. The interbreed champion, a Blonde DAquitaine cow and calf from Hillhead Blondes, also took the title in 2000. She stood above the Charolais champion another cow with calf at foot, Burnside Nigella, from B McAllister & Son.

Mood at the show was upbeat, after the troubles of 2001, exhibitors were just glad to be showing again. In the sheep lines, where breed championships were also female-dominated. Exhibitor of the champion Texel, Victor Chestnutt, who will place the breed at the Royal Highland, said he was delighted to be back at Balmoral after a year without shows. His two-crop ewe beat off stiff competition in some the best supported classes, but was pipped to the overall interbreed spot by David Duncans Suffolk shearling ewe.

Pig entries were not so numerous, at 40, but what they lacked in quantity they made up for in quality, said British Pig Association chairman, Robert Overend, who took the interbreed title. "We would have liked to have seen more entries, but the quality is still here," he said.


Interbreed Hillhead Blondes cow with calf at foot Grogors Janet; res, B McAllister & Sons cow with calf at foot Burnside Nigella.

Interbreed beef Pairs J & S Allens and W Campbells Limousin; res, &#42 Griffins & J McVeighs Blonde DAquitaine.

Aberdeen Angus J &#42 J Hensersons heifer Ballyheather Dolly; res, J Porters Bull Eastfield Elevator.

Hereford J E & R I Haires cow Misters 19D Tessa 126J; res, D R Wilsons Bull Lisrace Limelight.

Charolais B McAllister & Sons cow with calf at foot Burnside Nigella; res, G J Crawfords Bull Derrygiff Mills.

Simmental T &#42 Gormans heifer Woodford Martha 2; res, J Wilsons cow Hillcrest Denise.

Limousin J & S Allenss cow Ryedale Operetta; res, J A Quails bull Ludo.

Blonde DAquitaine Hillhead Blondes cow with calf at foot Grogors Janet;

res, &#42 Griffins heifer Drumraymond Rose.

Belgian Blue A Craigs cow Woodview Oprah; res, W J Ervines Bull Lukeroyal Solomon.

Salers J & E A Elliots heifer Drumlegagh Queen; res, J & J A Elliots cow Fisher Valise 962.

Beef bull Interbreed Performance G Hendersons Charolais Sandelford Scottie; res, &#42 & J McCrackens Limousin Seaview Samson.


Interbreed J A Pattersons Holstein cow Ballycrochan Formation Avice; res, Clanderboye Estates Jersey cow Bluegrass Judes Camomile.

Dairy shorthorn A Irwins heifer Denamona Mist 32; res, K S Workmans cow Whitefalls Barrington Poppy 5.

Ayshire W J G Hunter & Sons cow McCormick Nepeta 3; res, J W Sufferns heifer Ravenhill Fergie 2.

Jersey Clandeboye Estates cow Bluegrass Judes Camomile; res, Clandeboye Estates heifer Clandeboye Counciller Mabel.

Holstein J A Pattersons cow Ballycrochan Formation Avice; res, S McCormicks cow Hilltara Integrity Maude.


Interbreed R Overends Large White junior boar; res, R Overends Landrace junior boar.

Large White R A Overends junior boar; res, R A Overends junior boar.

Landrace R A Overends junior boar; res, R Overends junior gilt.

Rare breeds Belfast Zoos sow; res, S Smyths sow.

Pig pairs T Shields; res, T Shields.

Pork pig R Overends Large White; res, T Shields Large White.


Interbreed D J Duncans Suffolk shearling ewe; res, C & D Chestnutts Texel ewe.

Interbreed pairs Christie & Bells Charollais; res, McCormick Brothers Blufaced Leicester.

Border Leicester D T Horners Ram; res, S Agnews ewe lamb.

Suffolk D J Duncans Shearling Ewe; res, T Baileys ewe.

Texel V & D Chestnutts ewe; res, R Hendersons shearling ewe.

Ile de France D Mulligans ram; res, M Annetts shearling ram.

Bluefaced Leicester McCormick Brothers shearling ewe; res, W Bells shearling ewe.

Blackface R Loughery shearling ram; res, &#42 Crawfords shearling ewe.

Greyface W Alcorns ewe; res, &#42 Forsythes shearling ewe.

Hampshire Down J & M McCauleys ram; res, K McCarthys ewe lamb.

North Country Cheviot Devine Brothers ewe; res, Devine Brothers shearling ewe.

Dorset Poll & Horn T Wrights ram; res, R & A Moores ewe.

Rouge de LOuest A & B Wallaces shearling ewe; res, M & A Grahams ewe lamb.

Charollais Messrs Christie & Bells shearling ewe; res, D & L Mawhinneys ewe.

Beltex A Leckys shearling ewe; res, A McAllisters shearling ram. &#42

Heifer Ballyheather Dolly took the Aberdeen-Angus breed championship on a day when cows and heifers dominated the successes in the Balmoral Show beef lines.

Supreme dairy champion Ballycrochan Formation Avice ended 50 years of waiting for Northern Ireland breeder Aubrey Patterson.

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