6000 mink bring havoc to Hants…

14 August 1998

6000 mink bring havoc to Hants…

PANIC swept across Hampshire this week after animal rights activists released 6000 mink from a Ringwood fur farm at the weekend.

About half are still thought to be on the rampage, with wildlife groups, in particular, extremely concerned about the damage the animals can do.

"The mink are everywhere," said Rob Ellis, a wildlife liaison officer with Hampshire police. "You name it, they have been there."

It is also feared that thousands of young pheasants, released a week ago for the shooting season, will become easy prey.

Hunts set up

Farmers in the area set up mink hunts as police warned people living in the area to keep their domestic pets indoors.

A kestrel and an owl at a bird sanctuary near the fur farm were among the first victims of the escapees.

At the Wiseman familys Bagnum Farm, Suzy the Jack Russell is in her element, having already caught and killed seven mink.

The Wisemans are concerned about the safety of their 1000 outdoor piglets, although they hope that the multitude of rabbits on an old railway banking between their farm and the fur farm will satiate the mink in the meantime.

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