A-A elite register gets under way

29 May 1998

A-A elite register gets under way

AN ELITE register to identify the top 10 Aberdeen Angus bulls each year for use in pedigree and commercial herds was launched by the breed society on Wednesday.

Existing proven sires as well as promising young bulls will be evaluated. Information on potential elite sires will be collected from a variety of sources such as Signet records, carcass classification of progeny, auction markets, and society members.

Bulls will also be inspected by a society panel to ensure sound feet and legs, mobility, and breed character.

Society chief executive Ron McHattie said the aims were to increase availability of top quality bulls, shorten the time scale of breed improvement, improve conformation, and make available selected sire information based on progeny performance and trait leader measurements.

The scheme will identify the top 5% of trait leaders for muscle depth, muscle score, and 400-day weight.

Ranking will be based on the percentage of progeny achieving a high conformation and growth rate score.

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