A festival for the Herdwick

11 February 2000

A festival for the Herdwick

NEW ranges of British Wool cloth and knitwear made from the naturally coloured grey/brown wool of the Herdwick sheep, will have pride of place in the first Herdwick Festival, which will be held on Feb19 at Wasdale Head, Lake District.

The Festival, will include farm walks, sheep dog demonstrations and music, together with displays relating to the Herdwick sheep and its place in the history and development of the area.

The clothing has been developed by Huddersfield-based Almondbury Weaving and Lakeland Knitwear, a small manufacturer based in Ambleside, which specialises in hand framed outdoor knitwear using wool from local breeds of sheep. Both companies are licensees of the British Wool Marketing Board.

With wool prices generally depressed, there has been very little demand for the coarser, coloured and therefore, less versatile Herdwick wool in the last two years and the BWMB has been working on a number of initiatives aimed at stimulating interest and improving prices for producers.

Countrywear made from Herdwick wool will feature at the Herdwick Festival at Wasdale Head.

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