A reprieve for area aid crops

23 April 1999

A reprieve for area aid crops

CROPS eligible for area aid may be able to be sown as late as June 15 following MAFFs decision to apply to the European Commission for a derogation following exceptionally wet weather this winter.

Whatever the outcome, the deadline for IACS claims will remain at May 15, the ministry warns.

Bare patches

It adds that farmers who re-sow bare patches with another variety will not have to identify these areas provided the variety is in the same crop group. And farmers who lost autumn-sown crops before Jan 15 may enter the parcels as set-aside provided the land satisfies other scheme conditions.

Farmers may also receive a general derogation from the set-aside cover rules where operations have been disrupted by poor weather. Farmers should notify their Regional Service Centre of the set-aside areas affected.

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