AAPS area exceeds base limits

Monday, 04 October, 1999

By FWi staff

THE area claimed under the Arable Area Payments Scheme (AAPS) in England this year has exceeded again the base area limit for the main arable crops.

But the margin is smaller this year than in 1998 which means that producers claiming area payments for eligible arable crops and associated set-aside will be paid on 99.06% of the area. This compares with 98.60% in 1998.

However, there will be a substantial reduction in the area on which payment will be made to those claiming area aid on forage maize in England.

This is a result of the area claimed greatly exceeding the maize base area limit.

Farmers will be paid on only 33.15% of their eligible area of maize and the associated set-aside. This compares with 36.47% in 1998.

Applications for the supplement for durum wheat in England, which is payable for the first time in 1999, were for less than the 5000ha ceiling.

The aid will therefore be paid in full after the application of the base area penalty.

Penalty set-aside has been abolished under the Agenda 2000 agreement.

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