ABC tip cuts spray drift without losing efficiency

17 November 2000

ABC tip cuts spray drift without losing efficiency

CUTTING spray drift could soon be as simple as ABC.

A new Air Bubble Cone tip from Billericay Farm Services is said to cut drift significantly without compromising efficacy.

The new nozzle stems from several years of joint venture development work with Du Pont, BFSs Richard Goddard told a spray applications conference organised by the Association of Applied Biologists last week.

Boom sprayer trials applying insecticide to broccoli and cauliflower to control diamond back moth showed ABC jets working at 7 bar were as effective as hollow cones operating at 14 bar, with a much reduced risk of drift.

Further trials with knapsack sprayers showed ABC tips at 1-3 bar with a constant flow valve gave better penetration into the crop, very good pest control and significantly less drift, cutting contamination of the operators protective clothing.

Operator exposure trials are under-way in the UK and a launch of the new jets is expected soon. Plastic moulding will keep costs reasonable, said Mr Goddard. &#42

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