ABMumbrella for national unity

22 May 1998

ABMumbrella for national unity

ASSURED British Meat (ABM) could be the vehicle to bring together national and company farm assurance schemes for pigs, say retailers.

Thats the view of Tesco pig agriculturist, Chris Challinor, who says with a revamped FABPigs theres now only a whiskers difference between the schemes.

However, personality clashes in the industry are keeping the schemes apart, claims Mr Challinor. But that could end as schemes are forced to overcome their main difference – whether farms are independently audited to meet ABM requirements and membership of UKAS, the UKs accreditation service.

"What the industry doesnt need is a rat race," said Mr Challinor. "We must achieve one standard and under ABM, theres an opportunity to agree it."

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