Above average growth

18 July 1997

Above average growth

GRASS growth is still well above average for most of the country at about 70kg DM/ha/day up to 80kg DM/ha/day. Five milking cows a ha (two cows an acre) are required to consume all this grass growth, assuming no buffer is being fed.

Producers overflowing with silage may consider reducing nitrogen applications for one month if surplus grass is not required,writes Paul Bird.

Producers should also take a closer look at their swards. A poor pasture is easily hidden by a few inches of green leaf over the top.

Get down and have a close look at your sward right to ground level. Part the leaves; 8-15cm (3-6in) of woody stem in perennial grazing swards is too much. Use dry cows or the mower to clean out this material. Toppers are still being used with very little effect.

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