ACCS queries on date

20 February 1998

ACCS queries on date

FARMERS receiving registration packs for the two-seasons-for-one Assured Combinable Crops Scheme offer are questioning the second subscription date: July 1, 1999.

"Surely this is only one harvest?" asks Mike Fox, of Chirbury Farm, near Shrewsbury.

Bill Young, ACCS manager for Checkmate explains: "The subscription due on July 1, 1999, is to assure crops which will be planted that autumn, for harvest 2000. The initial payment assures produce from harvest 1998 and 1999, provided the farm has passed the verification procedure."

&#8226 Earlier this week subscriptions were arriving faster than ever – 90-100 a day, comments Mr Young. "We now have about 1.2m tonnes of combinable crops signed up."

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