ACR goes with flow

8 August 1997

ACR goes with flow

THE latest automatic cluster removal system from Gascoigne Melotte comes in the form of the Isolator 3.

Comprising two key parts – a milk flow sensor and a vacuum operated ram – the system is controlled by the state of the milk flow from the cow. Gascoigne claims the flow sensor provides a positive vacuum shut-off and can detect a second let-down.

In operation, the cluster is lifted to activate the initial vacuum and automatic cluster removal delays.

The vacuum delay allows time for the cluster to be lowered and positioned without letting excessive amounts of air into the system, while the ACR delay provides a two-minute period for milk to start flowing and prevent premature cluster removal.

As milk flow falls below a pre-set limit, the vacuum to the cluster is shut off followed by automatic removal.

The ACR unit also detects a cluster drop off. The cluster is removed from the floor and a flashing light warns the operator that milking has not been completed. Price of an ACR unit is £370. &#42

Gascoigne Melottes Isolator 3 automatic cluster removal system.

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