ADASrestructures arable consultancy

11 January 2002

ADASrestructures arable consultancy

ADAS is restructuring its arable consultancy to provide a better focus on one-to-one farm advice.

But the new Associate Group within the arable consultancy will remain within the ADAS group of companies.

The move is one of a number of measures being taken to cut the firms cost base, improve its competitiveness and provide a stronger platform for future developments, says ADAS.

"There has been no transfer of ownership," insists Andy Wells, one of the team involved in the changes, who will head up the new business structure with colleagues Chris Winney and David Parish.

"Forming a limited company gives us better control of our overheads, enabling us to closely match the requirements of the market for farm-based consultancy. It will help us be far more competitive and responsive to customer needs."

Any sell-off of the consultancy business is firmly refuted by Mr Wells. "Who knows what will happen in the longer term, but it is not on the agenda in the short term." &#42

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