‘Add an Adder’ campaign wants to save our snakes

Are adders disappearing before our very eyes? Many think they are, which has prompted the launch of the “Add an Adder” project, which asks the public to gather information about Britain’s only native venomous snake.

Nick Baker, well-known naturalist and presenter of the BBC’s Really Wild Show says: “While we are very much aware of the plight of more obvious and less ‘offensive’ species of wildflower or mammal, we are less likely to miss a creature that is so secretive anyway, and one who has a bit of an image problem at the best of times.”

The “Add an Adder” initiative is being run by the Herpetological Conservation Trust (HCT). Simply log on to the HCT website to log your adder experiences, stories and observations.

“Adders are as much entitled to protection and conservation as any of the more charismatic fauna and flora we share our island with and evidence suggests they may be even more vulnerable to change than we think,” adds Nick.


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