28 April 1995

Additives beat cleavers

CLEAVERS control in winter wheat from a cut-rate herbicide can be enhanced by using an additive, especially if conditions are unfavourable, claims adjuvant supplier, Newman Agrochemicals.

Independent commissioned trials comparing full-rate Starane (fluroxypyr) with a half rate plus a range of adjuvants suggest the 0.5 litre/ha dose with the firms LI-700 can be just as effective as 1 litre/ha used alone, says technical manager, David Foster. The effects were apparent from mid-March to the end of June, demonstrating the extra consistency.

Main reason is improved herbicide uptake and movement within the plant, particularly in the dry conditions which prevailed last year. But strong crop growth also helps, says Mr Foster.

But Bob Stroud for one of the trialling firms, Yorks-based NDSM, notes there was no direct comparison between half rates with and without the adjuvant. &#42