Adjuvant angle on dealing with tricky weeds

14 April 2000

Adjuvant angle on dealing with tricky weeds

KNOTGRASS, bindweed and cleavers control can all be boosted by adding adjuvant Torpedo to herbicide programs, claims manufacturer Newman Agrochemicals.

Three active ingredients in the adjuvant improve wetting, adhesion and penetration of the weed leaf. That leads to improved weed control from sulfonyl-urea herbicides such as Ally (metsulfuron-methyl) or Eagle (amidosulfuron), says sales manager, Kim Christo.

For example, in one SAC spring barley trial, adding Torpedo to a half dose of Ally boosted knotgrass control from 40% to 96%.

Due to lack of its own data, Du Pont does not back Torpedo. "From a resistance management point of view we do not endorse reducing rates by the use of adjuvants," says herbicides manager, Martyn Rogers.

Torpedo has a 6m buffer zone requirement for all nozzle types under LERAP rules and usage rate is 0.1% of application volume. Tank cleaning is unaffected by the adjuvant according to Newman trials.

Price is £25/litre pack. "That is £5/ha in a 200 litre/ha tank-mix." &#42

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