All the ladies love a lamb…

2 June 2000

All the ladies love a lamb…

Forget introduction agencies, adverts in the personal column, and blind dates, my husband has perfected his own instantaneous "babe magnet". Like him, all you need is a lamb small enough to tuck under your arm, and a visit to the vet at surgery time. The entire assembly of females flocked to his side surrounding him in their endeavour to find out the lambs story. (Fortunately the visit had a happy outcome for the lamb, who had been temporarily trapped under an upturned hay rack – some bruising which will heal.) Tony is convinced that his ladies were seconds away from starting up an emergency fund or offering to adopt them both. Unfortunately, he is already spoken for, but is willing to give lessons, or loan out one of this years bottle lambs.

Lizzie Scrimshaw

Middle Farm, Long Street, Foston, Lincs.

The Supreme Champion In-hand pony at th Fell Pony Society Stallion and Colt show was 17 year old Waverhead Prince II shown here with his handler Barbara Bell, who is holding the Lady Yule Cup. The breeder was her father, Mr Jim Bell at their farm, Waver Head, Brocklebank, Wigton, Cumbria. The stallion also won the Storm Boy Trophy for the best stallion 12 years and over.

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