Amendment to milk quota rules drafted

26 March 1998

Amendment to milk quota rules drafted

THE European Commission has published the draft of an amendment to milk quota rules which is expected to create division between European agriculture ministers.

Regulation 3959/92 is currently the final word on milk quota rules, but if the amendment is ratified then the milk quota scheme, which is suppose to expire on 1 April 2000, will be extended through to 1 April 2006.

It also proposes a 15% cut in the level of price support for the dairy sector which will be matched by a 2% rise in the amount of quota available.

Further details of the proposed amendment can be found on the Farming & Units Trusts page of The Scotsman.

The UK, Italy, Denmark and Sweden would like to see the quota regime abolished and fear that its extension will contravene World Trade Organisation rules. However, the amendment seems to have the support of other member states

  • The Scotsman 26/03/98 page 30

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