Amtrak drops poultry delivery

17 November 1999

Amtrak drops poultry delivery

By FWi staff

POULTRY breeders have been shocked by the sudden news that delivery company Amtrak is discontinuing its livestock service from 1 December.

Although breeders and hatcheries were given only two weeks notice, Amtrak is not prepared to reconsider or give more time.

The delivery service company said operational and legislative concerns prompted the decision. It withdrew from carrying all poultry and waterfowl, except for day-olds, two years ago.

This followed new regulations which required them to be fed and watered if in transit for more than 12 hours.

Breeder and supplier the Cyril Bason organisation, which specialises is supplying small quantities, said it was already geared up for the trade via agencies.

But David Evans, managing director of the Craven Arms, Shropshire-based company, admitted he would have liked more time.

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