Analysis shows 63% making loss

14 May 1999

Analysis shows 63% making loss

LATEST analysis of the farming industry shows that 63% of companies are consuming rather than increasing the wealth of owners.

This loss, says Plimsoll Publish-ing, amounted to £204m last year.

But despite the downturn, almost a third of farming businesses is rated strong or good.

The top five most successful companies are Boxford (Suffolk) Holdings, Gascoyne Cecil Farms, Glenrath (Farms), Mark Hill Farms, and Taylor Clark.

Almost two-thirds of companies making less than £1m in sales are under financial pressure, and 59% of those making sales of £5m or more, says the report. Of the 1028 companies listed, 616 have been rated the caution or danger categories. "These companies must change radically or their survival will come into question," says the report.

Plimsoll has published a survival pack for the 616 companies under financial pressure to return them to a 10% return on assets. Cost is £450. Further details on 01642-257800. &#42

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