Andersons sees daunting year ahead

11 January 1999

Andersons sees ‘daunting’ year ahead

MANAGEMENT consultants Andersons predicts a “daunting” year ahead for British agriculture in its Outlook bulletin.

The company believes that the two key factors influencing farm profitability in the coming year will be the strength of Sterling and market conditions.

Andersons says there is unlikely to be much economic relief in 1999 and any profitability will be won by hard-headed operators.

A number of forecasts for individual commodities. These include: wheat prices at up to £90 a tonne; profit on dairy falling to 1ppl; a poor outlook for beef and lamb; a slight improvement in pigs and poultry; and a “reasonable” year for potatoes.

  • The Scotsman 11/01/99 page 15

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