Animal rights activists hoppingmad over kangaroo meat imports

24 July 1998

Animal rights activists hopping
mad over kangaroo meat imports

ANIMAL rights campaigners plan to target Sainsburys supermarkets from today in a bid to try to stop the import of kangaroo meat from animals killed in “cruel” culls.

Organisers from The Vegetarians International Voice for Animals (Viva), claimed the supermarket giant was contributing to “one of the biggest wildlife massacres”.

Sainsbury and the Australian Government denied the allegations insisting the kangaroos were slaughtered under tightly policed programmes to control numbers and protect the environment.

Viva says the kangaroos are no threat to either crops or grazing land for sheep or cattle. It alleges many are killed inhumanely and that far more are destroyed than official cull figures indicate.

Sainsburys exotic meats have included crocodile and buffalo, which it stopped selling because of lack of demand. It sells ostrich in 300 stores, mostly imported from the USA, but home-grown supplies are increasing.

  • The Guardian 24/07/98 page 8

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