Animal welfare head warms toScottish livestock producers

27 August 1998

Animal welfare head warms to
Scottish livestock producers

THE chief of Scotlands leading animal welfare organisation has given a strong endorsement of Scottish livestock producers.

Jim Morris, chief executive of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said he was happy to be working with assurance schemes such as the Scottish Pig Industry Initiative (SPII) and the Scotch Quality Lamb Association (SQBLA).

But Mr Morris has reservations about the Freedom Foods scheme run by the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals. He said: “Essentially, we support Freedom Foods and its aims but there is a worry that in the way it is set up it has to be a commercial operation, particularly in the use of its brand label.”

The society is currently in the throes of getting international standard approval for its procedures.

  • The Herald 27/08/98 page 24

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